Eric Bischoff comments on WWE’s broadcast deal with Fox

Posted by: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 22, 2023

Eric Bischoff comments on WWE's broadcast deal with Fox

WWE SmackDown debuted on FOX in October 2019, and there have been reports of late that the show is losing money to FOX.

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on the matter during its latest episode 83 weeksBischoff told his audience:

“Here’s the interesting part, it doesn’t matter. Because, here’s what we don’t know. Let’s take it at face value, which is really hard to do. If we take it at face value, the USA will only get. WWE ad time or FOX’s For $47,000 per minute, OK. Does anyone know what the terms of the licensing agreement between FOX and WWE are? OK, again, that’s speculation but here’s the point I’m trying to make. What don’t we know? We don’t know NBC. Whether Universal or FOX is participating in other types of revenue besides ad sales. So they may not be fully profiting from ad sales, but they’re making up for it by participating in other types of revenue. For example, it’s what if, but if in that licensing deal NBC Universal also participates in premium live events on the upside of other events. Who knows? There are so many ways to participate. That’s one of the reasons I wanted Viacom to invest in TNA, so that TNA would have a solid television partner. And yes, in many cases Viacom has that. to own Doesn’t make much sense unless they’re partaking in other revenue streams with them, and there can be a multitude of those opportunities within that deal. I’m not saying that there is, I don’t know. But can.”

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