Enzo Amore revealed Bray wanted the former WWE NXT star as part of the Wyatt family

Former WWE stars Enzo Amore (nZo) Monte and The Pharaoh appeared on the LI#1 Pro Wrestling broadcast and talked about various topics such as how WWE star Bray Wyatt asked Knuckles Madsen to be part of the Wyatt Family, but WWE management nixed the idea and instead Eric goes with Rowan and Luke Harper.

Enzo Amore says:

“People don’t know who the best wrestlers in the world are from 2012 to 2018 unless they’re in WWE, maybe at the Performance Center. You have a good feel for who can go and who can’t. I knew how good Chad Gable was. No one needed to be told that. That mother**** was an Olympian.”

Knuckles Madsen worked in WWE’s developmental program from 2012–2013 and competed in only one match on WWE TV before being released by the company on December 17, 2013. He has since gone on to compete in the independent scene under the ring name Evan. Warsaw.

You can watch Enzo Amore’s full comments in the video below. H/T to sportskida To paraphrase the above quotations.

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