Emma will not accept her first Royal Rumble match

Emma returned to WWE last year Aiming to rise above the entire women’s division with her inherent intelligence and talent. The Australian star has made a huge name for himself in various promotions right after a successful start in WWE. He is preparing to participate in his first Royal Rumble match this weekend and is going all out to claim the glory.

Emma has been involved in the wrestling business since she was a child, having been introduced to the sport by her brother Jack in Australia. He then trained with Lance Storm before starting his career in American promotions.

After making an impact on the indie scene, Emma signed with WWE in 2011. He has been considered As one of the pioneers of the women’s revolution, After her surprising in-ring encounter with fellow star Paige in NXT in 2012.

The Australian star rose to the main roster in 2014 and was looking to become a marquee star after his success in NXT. Despite appearing in a few notable television angles, Emma failed to captivate audiences and was released from WWE in 2017.

Emma returned to the company in 2022 after reviving her career in outdoor promotions. He recently posted on Twitter Regarding his excitement to compete in the 2023 Royal Rumble match, this will be his first opportunity to participate in an over-the-top-rope match. Emma seems to be fully focused and taking this opportunity for granted.

“My first Royal Rumble!!! ❤️ I grew up watching the Royal Rumble but 10 years ago when I started with @WWE, the women’s #RoyalRumble didn’t exist. I’m back for a reason. You better believe I do it naturally. will not accept!’

Emma returned to WWE under the creative reign of WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H. She has every chance of climbing to the top of the mountain and her confidence and dedication looks like this Saturday could be the night for Emma. Run in his dream company.

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