Edge and Beth Phoenix reportedly scrapped WWE plans prior to Edge’s hiatus

Posted by: Guy Incognito on Jan 22, 2023

Edge and Beth Phoenix reportedly scrapped WWE plans prior to Edge's hiatus

According to a report by Fightful Select, WWE penciled in Edge for the first few PLE events of the year. As Fightful Select reported in a Q&A show following his hiatus, the plan was for Edge to pick up their long-standing feud with Finn Balor upon his return, with another report from WrestlingNews.co reporting that they would be competing at the Royal Rumble.

Edge’s limited dates were a factor in the rivalry’s spread. We can also confirm WrestlingNews.co’s report that from that point on (before Survivor Series) it was supposed to be a Hell in a Cell match.

However, it’s not just Edge that is slated for the Elimination Chamber PLE in February. Again, as of November, Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix had tentative plans to attend the Montreal event, teaming up with Edge along with Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor.

It’s also worth noting that several plans in the books have been moved, scrapped, or changed, which can happen all the time, and these matches can’t be considered official until WWE officially announces it themselves.

As it stands now, Edge is shooting for a TV show or film of late.

If any more information comes out on these plans, we will keep you posted.

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