Diamond Dallas Page allegedly upset Ric Flair and The Undertaker with the way they worked – Wrestling Inc.

When DDP finally made the jump to WWE, the locker room reaction to his pre-planned matches was similarly negative. According to Disco, DDP got a bad rap when he tried to give The Undertaker, his first opponent in the company, a piece of paper with their match on it. “Hunter told him, ‘Don’t show it to Taker,’ he showed it to Taker anyway, and the famous story is that Taker saw it, smashed it, Disco explained, “These old-school guys had their match top-to-bottom. Don’t want to write and Page doesn’t get it.”

Konan added to this, telling a story about Chris Benoit having a similar reaction to The Undertaker when he wrestled Page himself. “I remember very clearly Benoit telling me ‘Can you believe this guy? He gave me a letter with the steps he wanted me to take!'” Conan recalled.

Disco and Konan continue to speculate about whether or not Randy Savage is Feud with DDP in WCW Which ultimately led to the detail-oriented strategy of DDP. While it’s unclear if this is actually the case, Disco notes that Flair was similarly critical of Savage due to his tendency to rehearse matches.

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