Demerit points for Rawalpindi pitch canceled

England won the first Test in Rawalpindi on the fifth day

Demerit points awarded on the Rawalpindi pitch in England’s thrilling first Test win over Pakistan in December have been withdrawn.

The Pakistan Cricket Board was successful in an appeal, partly because of the match’s memorable finish.

England forced a The final day of the 74-run win came at the last moment.

After reviewing footage of the Test, the ICC said: “There were several redeeming features – including a result achieved after a compelling game, with 37 of a possible 39 wickets taken.

“As such, the Appellate Panel concluded that the wicket did not warrant a ‘below average’ rating.”

Pitches are rated for each international match, negative ratings result in demerit points, the accumulation of which may result in suspension of staging rights.

If a venue receives five demerit points within five years, it will be suspended from hosting international cricket for 12 months.

The six ratings that a pitch or outfield can be given are very good, good, average, average, poor, poor and unfit.

The pitch in Rawalpindi was earlier rated average in the drawn Test between Pakistan and Australia in March last year.

England’s win, which saw them sweep the series 3-0, included scoring 1,768 runs, the most in the history of a five-day Test match.

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