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Commented the head coach of the Calgary Flames Daryl Sutter Following are his post-game media availability times Jacob PelletierHis NHL debut was harsh and inept. However, behind closed doors, Sutter was complimentary of Pelletier’s first game in the NHL and admitted to giving Pelletier fewer shifts than he should have due to the high number of penalties taken by the Flames in the game.

Sutter’s comments to Pelletier

In an interview given to the Quebec Journal on Sunday afternoon, Dr The Flames knocked off the Tampa Bay Lightning At home, Pelletier answered questions about Sutter’s comments the night before. directly from An article on TVA Sports And translated from French to English using Google Translate, Pelletier had this to say:

Reached by the Journal on Sunday afternoon, the Quebec winger politely declined to expand on the Flames head coach’s words, noting only that it made him “neither hot nor cold” and that he was surprised by the proportions it took. Social media.

“I saw him this morning [Sutter] And he told me that I played a good game and it was that we were often shorthanded because it cost me time. Ice he told me he liked what I brought despite my playing time.”

Kevin Dubey, TVA Sports

Sutter’s view at the press conference

Sutter has always been one Entertaining character in media availability and press conferences. His witty, blunt and hilarious references were beloved by Flames fans last season when the team won, but Her tough love routine has worn thin With the media and fans this season.

Eric Francis of Sportsnet Wrote a critical article How Sutter answered questions about Pelletier’s debut, Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman talks about Sutter is being very hard on his players on the latest 32 Thoughts podcast, and the same fans who bowed to Sutter just a year ago are calling for his head on social media.

What we see and hear as ordinary members of the public is very different from what happens inside the dressing room walls. For us, it may seem like he’s losing the room, but it’s important to remember that we don’t have all the information. If Jacob Pelletier is feeling better after his first NHL game and isn’t swayed by Sutter’s harsh comments to the media, we have to take those comments with a grain of salt.

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