Could a Gail Kim/Mickey James match still happen?

Four years ago Gail Kim wrestled her final match at Impact Rebellion, the former seven-time Impact Knockouts champion didn’t rule out one more dance inside the squared circle.

During a recent interview with Dr Lucha Libera OnlineKim mentioned that he would agree to face current Knockout Champion Mickie James if asked.

Mickey James

Kim said, courtesy fight:

“I love and respect Mickie James with the utmost respect. If he wants me to come out of retirement to wrestle him, I will, because I respect him so much. I just need time to get physically ready. People are asking, ‘That means?’ Listen, you never say never in wrestling. I don’t think I’d do what Mickie did, he started at the bottom and worked his way up, there’s a lot of matches for that. [laughs]. You should never say never to a dream scene. It can be anything, someone has to create the right scenario for it to be something. We are all wrestlers, we all love it, it’s always inside us somewhere. We put it to bed, but sometimes little things come up.”

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