Chavo Guerrero Believes Upcoming Pro Wrestling Film Will Have ‘Oscar Buzz’ – Wrestling Inc.

“The Iron Claw” will follow the story While the story of Mike Von Erich Hospitalized in 1985 with toxic shock syndrome, WCCW booker David Manning capitalized on Von Erich’s popularity and inspired new talent to portray members of the kayfabe Von Erich family. That’s when MJF’s character, Kevin Vaughn, was brought in, but his skills in the ring basically gave away that he was a fake member of the family.

Chavo Guerrero says he doesn’t know how much MJF will actually be seen in the film because that information is being kept close to the vest. “We’ll see what happens after the cutting room floor, man. It’s out of our control in a sense, because once you’re done, sometimes they cut things, they add things, start over. I don’t do that. You know, man. . I want to be able to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but it’s something that’s up in the air.”

It is said that he was there last year as well Working with the “Impractical Jokers” television series to create crossover content for AEW. Considering the ongoing development of the film, his first AEW World Title run holding strong, and the other projects he’s involved with, MJF is a complete mess right now. At just 26 years old, “The Salt of the Earth” is proving that his popularity is bound to grow significantly in the coming years.

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