Braun Breaker and Grayson Waller are involved in a tall-apart feud on WWE PC

Corner alert!

This is the footage that first hit the web WWE trainee Alexis Lette posted an Instagram video, who was talking to his followers about what he learned on Suplex Day at the Performance Center. Our first clue should probably have been how Lette mentioned that he “finally got to record on PC”, and at about 1:20 into his stream, a ruckus started behind him.

Better footage of the alleged commotion then came from Grayson Waller’s Instagram.

The Australian superstar cuts a promo on the man he will challenge for the NXT title back in the steel cage. revenge day 4 February. Waller heads to the training facility to have some fun with Bron Breaker. He hands the camera over to someone and starts saying “bland breakers,” and when coach Norman Smiley tries to kick him out of PC, Grayson channels Conor McGregor by chugging a couple of water bottles at the champ’s direction as if he’s Nate Diaz. This sends Breaker out of the ring for a double leg takedown and an exchange of punches. Smiley is finally able to rally the troops and take Waller out…

Waller says we haven’t seen anything yet, and tomorrow night he should live rent-free on the champ’s head for many more.

For this you get more expelled revenge day?

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