Boudreau was emotional after fans rallied behind the future-former coach

Anyone who has been watching the Vancouver Canucks coaching situation closely knows that Bruce Boudreau’s days are numbered. Even the coach himself told members of the media on Friday that “I can’t say what’s going on. I’d be stupid.” What is happening is that the Canucks are bringing in Rick Touchette to coach as his TNT analyst contract expires and forcing Boudreau to coach the team, despite knowing he will be replaced soon.

It’s a bad situation and one that many are calling out the Canucks organization for. If everyone knows he’s going, let him go. Hire an interim coach in the meantime. It’s not like the Canucks are going to win anyway.

Vancouver fans know the situation is dire. On Friday night, as the Canucks were losing 3-1 to the Colorado Avalanche, Rogers Arena chanted, “Bruce, there it is.” Apparently, the coach was touched as he caught the camera pumping his chest in a show of gratitude. His appreciation for the game, its players and fans was never in question, and Boudreau needed a second to pull himself together and get on with his job, even if only for a short while.

The Canucks are taking a ton of heat for how they are approaching things

Few are arguing that perhaps the Canucks should move on from Boudreau. The team isn’t responding, they’re going to shed many of their best players at this year’s trade deadline, and it may be time for a new voice. All that said, there is one way you do something and one way you don’t. Not this way.

The decision to leave the veteran coach hanging in the air, confirming they’ve sought the services of a new bench boss is a shame and doesn’t sit well with much of the hockey community, where Boudreau has earned plenty of respect for his many years of NHL service. TSN reporter Farhan Lalji thinks the way the Canucks are handling business will have players questioning whether their team should consider free agency or a trade, as they leave themselves out to dry.

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