Bobby Lashley says he would love to see Chris Masters return to WWE

Top WWE star Bobby Lashley recently spoke to Hindustan Times about various topics like how he would love to see Chris Masters return to WWE and since it’s Royal Rumble season and they always make a surprise return at the Royal Rumble, anything. May be.

Bobby Lashley says:

“I love it. I’ve seen Chris, I follow him on social media and he’s doing a lot. He’s wrestling all over the world and he’s getting better. And I think if he has a chance to come back, I think that’s really cool. There will be showcases. If it happens at the Rumble, you never know. The Rumble always has surprises.”

Bobby Lashley also stated how if Chris Masters returned, he would ask Masters to put The All Mighty in the Master Lock so he could get out of the hold again, but Masters would not be able to break free of his Heart Lock if he did. Masters on hold.

Bobby Lashley says:

“I think Chris has proven himself in the professional wrestling world. If he came back, you know what I would do? I would literally turn around and stick my hand out and ask him to put it back on me so I could break it a second time. And then I ask him to do the same. And I guarantee you she’s not breaking The Heart Lock. So a lot could happen in that matchup, but I think it will be great for the fans to see. And I took it from him because if I break, it’s mine.”

You can see Bobby Lashley’s full comments here link.

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