Billy Corgan: The NWA could rise to international prominence again

Billy Corgan

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Billy Corgan Have high aspirations for National Wrestling Alliance.

Recently sat down with the owner of the National Wrestling Alliance, Billy Corgan Paul Guzzo of the Tampa Bay Times To discuss various issues. Asked about the company’s current growth, Corgan compared it to a band playing clubs and small theaters. As far as he’s concerned, he believes the National Wrestling Alliance can regain international prominence.

“[NWA is] A band playing is the equivalent of clubs and small theaters,” said Billy Corgan. “We are building audiences in brick and mortar across the country. NWA can rise to international fame again.”

Billy Corgan has been involved in professional wrestling in one form or another for the past two decades. His latest venture with the National Wrestling Alliance came to fruition after leaving IMPACT Wrestling. He poured significant money into a company and later took Dixie Carter to court.

“And here we are,” said Billy Corgan. “It was like that old house on the market that everybody knew about, but nobody wanted. I came along and saw its true value. Five years later, we’re producing 100 hours of television and five pay-per-view events in 2023.”

While many fans aren’t buying into Corgan’s “NWA style” in 2023, The Smashing Pumpkins’ lead singer says he still talks to fans who agree that the style he’s creating is helping the company grow again.

“I’ve been told over and over that our style of wrestling is outdated,” Billy Corgan said. “Yet, when I talk to fans, they recognize the style as why NWA is growing again. I like to think that the UFC stole what made wrestling great – the physical ‘you vs. me’ nature.

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What do you think of Billy Corgan’s comments? Do you believe his version of the National Wrestling Alliance can regain international prominence in 2023? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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