Billy Corgan Says ‘No Chance in Hell’ WWE Sells to Entity – Wrestling Inc.

The potential sale of WWE has been the talk of the wrestling world recently, with several major suitors reportedly interested From Disney to Comcast. However, an interesting party is also interested in purchasing the company Khan family, all owners of Elite Wrestling. It’s a scene that could merge the two campaigns, but when “Wrestling News Co“Billy Corgan quoted Vince McMahon’s theme song saying there was “no chance in hell” of that happening.

Tony Khan opened his mouth publicly They are eager to be part of any potential sale process, and while there is no guarantee that McMahon will sell to them, it makes for an interesting situation. However, right now the NWA owner doesn’t see that as a possibility.

“Stranger things happened, painted me wrong,” he said. “This is the world of professional wrestling and we’re talking billions of dollars here, and not many people on the planet have billions of dollars to spend and want to be in professional wrestling. Of course anything is possible, but this is one where I raised an eyebrow and thought, ‘No, it’s not happening.’ ‘

While he doesn’t think Khan will buy WWE, he credits him with how things have “changed” in the wrestling world where the wrestling market has opened up, which he thinks is “consistent” with the ratings side.”

“One of the things that has changed for that audience in the last five years, and I’m using that term loosely, is that they see that WWE is no longer the only kid on the block. Tony is coming in and doing what he did with AEW … when he feels like The market has loosened up, so now there’s room for other people to come in. No one could have imagined it 20 years ago.”

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