Big Bill is hoping for an AEW singles run, canceling the CM Punk/MJF plan

AEW’s Big Bill (formerly Big Cass and W. Morrissey) spoke Comedy Store Wrestling About getting a singles run, and plans for a CM Punk vs. MJF feud were scrapped. Big Bill joined AEW last summer, but has wrestled sparingly since signing with Tony Khan’s promotion. You can read highlights of his comments below (via fight):

Working with the firm and a possible solo run: “It’s going to happen eventually. It’s a mutually beneficial experience for everyone in the firm right now. Taking chances, helping each other. As far as a single goes without The Farm, I have no idea, at this point, we’re just doing whatever it takes to be successful in AEW. Teaming up, whether it’s tag team matches or helping each other backstage or whatever. We were put together for a reason and we’re stuck with it right now. I don’t know when the single runs. Right now, I’m really enjoying working with Lee and Stokely, Ego [Ethan Page] Awesome and the guns are awesome.”

Plans for CM Punk and MJF are scrapped: “Everything that was planned was kiboshed very quickly. Next, we’re making the best of it. Stokely, myself and Lee have been great working together. What we did with Jungle Boy and Hook was really fun. The fans loved it and it did really good numbers, I don’t know if I want to talk about it. It was entertaining and people loved it. It was a funny thing. There’s traction there, for sure.”

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