Behind the Scenes on Why AEW Didn’t Do a Jay Briscoe Tribute Show at Dynamite – Wrestling Inc.

yesterday The wrestling world is in mourning The tragic death of Jay Briscoe (real name Jamin Pugh) and while opening last night’s “AEW Dynamite” with an “In Memoriam” graphic, there was no full tribute like what was done after Brody’s death. Ltd. Now, Dave Meltzer reports the latest “Wrestling Observer Radio“That AEW wasn’t allowed to do a tribute show for Briscoe because Warner Media wouldn’t allow it. Briscoe and his brother, Mark, couldn’t appear on AEW programming despite being signed to Tony Khan’s Ring of Honor as Warner. More than a decade ago, Jay The media did not allow it based on the homophobic tweets he made, for which he apologized and expressed regret.

Although unable to pay full tribute to “Dynamite”, many of the wrestlers who performed, including the Young Bucks, Bryan Danielson and Jay Lethal, Black armbands were worn in his honor. His name was also brought up on commentary several times, with AEW’s announcer Excalibur paying tribute to him as “Dynamite” went off the air. And Khan taped a Jay Briscoe tribute show for ROH later in the night, which will be available for free to fans via ROH’s YouTube channel or the Honor Club app.

Meltzer also noted that whenever ROH returns to television shows, the first one will also pay tribute to Jey and show some of his matches over the years. The upcoming Supercard of Honor event that will take place on Friday, March 31 is also expected to include some form of a memorial dedicated to him.

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