Backstage notes, released by producers for this week’s Smackdown

A new report from Fight selection Here are some details about the producers for this week’s episode of SmackDown They shared some notes from behind the scenes.

  • Drew and Sheamus vs. Viking Raiders: Michael Hayes
  • LA NIGHT segment: Adam Pearce
  • Los Lotharios vs Heat Row: Sean Diveri
  • Charlotte Flair Segment: Molly Holly
  • Brawl Brutes vs Imperium: Petey Williams
  • Supreme Male Model vs. Legado Del Fantasma: Jamie Noble
  • Contract Signing Segment: Jason Jordan

Street Profits vs. The Usos post-show dark match produced by Jason Jordan. Molly Holly created Liv Morgan vs. Jia Li’s pre-show dark match.

There were no talent or staff meetings before this week’s show. Rumors of the Saudi sale, and Vince’s possible return to WWE Creative held pre-show meetings before both Raw and SmackDown.

Internal WWE office cuts were a big topic of conversation backstage. Many were surprised that longtime PR man Adam Hopkins was let go.

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