Almost Over: AEW Star’s Contract Reportedly Expiring Soon –

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Tick ​​tock? The AEW roster has all kinds of talent, with quite a variety of wrestlers and stars. The company has found a great mix that allows them to present a bunch of different matches with several series combinations. At some point, some wrestlers have to leave though and it could happen again to one of his stars.

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According to Fightful Select, Brian Cage’s AEW contract will expire “in a few weeks,” though there’s still a chance the two sides will be able to come together on a new contract. Cage’s original AEW contract was set to expire in 2022 but the company picked up his option, reportedly to the surprise of Cage, who was largely underutilized at the time of the pick up. WWE has also reportedly held some “feelers” to see if there is any interest in bringing Cage on. Cage will face Bryan Danielson this week at Dynamite.

Cage became a star in AEW. Check out some of his time at the company:

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