All Hands: WWE Brings In Independent Stars To Help With Royal Rumble –

IMG Credit: WWE

They need help. We’re bringing up the Royal Rumble and that means things are getting rather complicated rather quickly. The show will feature two sixty man matches between the two of them and will require a bunch of people working together. Some of them will be behind the scenes and now WWE can bring in outside help for the show.

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According to Fightful SelectIndependent wrestler Jason Cade is being brought in to help build the women’s Royal Rumble match Cade is said to have extensive experience, which will be valuable for such matches. No word on whether he could be hired full-time as a WWE producer or if this should be seen as some sort of tryout. Cade has wrestled for every major American promotion, including some appearances for WWE.

The match has a lot to offer. Check out some past moments from the Women’s Royal Rumble:

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