After overturning Adam Jumper’s decision in the BBL, the MCC has brought in new amendments to the non-striker run-out rule.

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Keeper of the Laws of Cricket, The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has decided to remove the ambiguity regarding run outs at the non-strikers’ end with immediate effect. This comes in the wake of a controversial incident involving Melbourne Stars captain Adam Zampa in the ongoing Big Bash League (BBL) 2022.

When the Stars faced off against city rivals Melbourne Renegades, Zampa canceled out the bails when his follow-through headed non-striker Tom Rogers down the wicket. However, to his dismay, the run-out appeal was rejected by television umpire Sean Craig who justified that the leggie’s bowling arm was better than the point at which he would have released the ball.

What do MCC rules say?

Meanwhile, the MCC has come forward and said that the match officials’ assessment was correct in its ruling on the batter being run out at the non-strikers’ end, with the cricket rules keeper also clarifying the rule. .

38.3.2 As amended by law Which came into force on Thursday, January 19: “Although the bowler would have been expected to release the ball at the moment before the non-striker left his field, once the bowler has reached that point it is not the bowler’s right to run out the non-striker under this Act.” More time is possible.”

“However, we recognize that although the law is generally well understood by players and umpires, there are ambiguities in the wording that can cause confusion.“, read it.

At the same time, the MCC also clarified that the new interpretations would not change the law in any way and their main objective was to make matters clearer.

“It is important to note that this does not change the way the law is interpreted – it has been interpreted this way for the past six years, without much misunderstanding. However, the intention is that it will make things clearer.”

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