Afa Jr. is interested in a WWE return

Afa Jr. is looking to return to WWE.

During his recent chat with Busted Open Radio, Afa Jr., known as Manu in WWE, shared his goals for returning to the promotion.

Afa Jr. also discussed his work as a choreographer in musicals last matchAnd much more.

Highlights of the interview are shown below.

Regarding a possible return to WWE:

“I’m trying to get back [WWE’s] Radar I’m trying to do the right things and stay hungry, and stay humble and just keep it moving.”

on last match:

“[I’ve] A lot of things had to be upgraded and changed over time, you know, I just can’t live up to the standards my dad set in the 80s and things like that because the business has changed. So, we were able to roll and adapt and all that, so all my focus went to The Battlefield – my company, Battlefield Pro Wrestling. We have a couple of shows coming up; We started running the show again. And The Last Match Musical, I was blessed to be the choreographer with Bull James, and it took off.”

Manu competed in WWE from 2006 to 2009.

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