AEW will do a special ROH tribute to Jay Briscoe after Dynamite

AEW didn’t give any indication on January 18 though Dynamite will show a respect for The late Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh, many fans were hoping to see one. Anticipation built in the arena before the show, after they played The Briscoes’ Old Ring of Honor theme, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme My Bullets Back,” in Fresno, California and online.

There was no ten bell salute after the “In Memoriam” graphic to start the show.

Commentary during the opening match discussed Jay (in which Jay Lethal wore a “Briscoes” armband to commemorate his old Ring of Honor World Championship rival — one of many armbands worn by wrestlers who worked with Jay in ROH throughout the show. was worn by), and sent their thoughts to his widow, their children, his brother Mark and their parents.

Online, the AEW and ROH owners have announced that they will be paying tribute to Jay Briscoe tonight after Dynamite.

he later clarify People who look special don’t need an honor club membership. In addition to being free on that platform, it will also be uploaded to ROH’s YouTube channel.

There is some speculation that this is due to Warner Bros. Discovery executives Khan was not allowed to use the Briscoes on television due to Decades-old homophobic statements he wants apologizing for several times, but there are no such credible reports at the moment. This may be because Dem Boys never appeared Dynamite or riot Because of that, and synonymous with Ring of Honor instead of AEW anyway.

Either way, we’ll be looking forward to the tributes, and any information we get about what will happen at tonight’s taping and when it will be uploaded.

Get full results and coverage of everything from tonight’s episode Dynamite here.

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