AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Results January 25, 2023

welcome Live coverage of AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite for results! We have a card full of great matches coming to you tonight from Lexington Kentucky. Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe makes his first appearance following the untimely death of his brother Jay Briscoe. Mark took on Jay Lethal in a match dedicated to his late brother. Darby Allyn will defend his AEW TNT Championship against Buddy Matthews in another TNT Championship Open match. Tony Storm will face Ruby Soho in a rescheduled match after Britt Baker’s injury announcement. Junglehook’s team will face Matt Hardy and Ethan Page. Brian Danielson and Brian Cage would go on to have a series that would lead to the Revolution, and a possible shot at the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

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We open with Jericho coming to the Appreciation Society ring.

Action Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara defeated Andretti & Ricky Starks

Action Andretti and Sammy Guevara start the fight. They both exchange combinations of flips and rolls around each other. They fall to their knees to stand with each other. Sammy slaps Andretti hard and he falls to the mat. Guevara chops him in the corner and backs him. Andretti comes back and sends Sami over the top rope. As Sami comes back in, he drags Andretti, running through the ropes, before climbing over the top rope. Action Andretti lands a Spanish Fly and gets a tag to Ricky Starks. Sammy Guevara also tags in Chris Jericho and Jericho and Starks meet in the middle of the ring, exchanging blows. Ricky walks to the top rope but gets caught with a Sammy Guevara Cutter. Jericho covers for a close two count. Jericho taunts Starks, slapping him around the mat and stomping on his chest. With Sammy Guevara back in, Starks gets his leg up to block a top rope dive from him and Action tags Andre. Andretti lands a neck breaker on Jericho and hits two back-to-back middle rope dives on the outside of the ring. A double crossbody drops both Guevara and Andretti to the mat. They both fight for a tag and make it. Stark spears Jericho and covers for the pin but it’s broken up for two by Sammy. Stark then hits a powerbomb but it only gets a two count. Andretti is tagged in again and fails a moonsault attempt on Jericho. Jericho tags in Guevara. Jericho pulls Andre off the ring apron and nails him in the eye with his thumb. Still, Andretti lands a cutter on Sammy for a two count. Danny Garcia hits Andretti with the bat from the ring apron and Sammy Guevara hits the cover for the finisher and pin. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara won.

We watch an emotional video package highlighting the careers and lives of Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark.

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