AEW Rewind: Danielson Loves Wrestling, Dark Order Recruits John Morrison

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? don’t worry We’ve got you covered with AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media beats and YouTube videos from last week. Prepare yourself for Wednesday night Dynamite.

This week’s ‘Road Two’ hyped up Bryan Danielson vs. Bandido, Ricky Starks vs. Jake Hager and the return of Adam Cole.

Danielson portrays Konosuke Takeshita as a wrestler who fights with his heart. Takeshita isn’t afraid to wrestle opposite MJF. It’s one down and four to go in Danielson’s quest to earn a world title shot. Next is Bandido. Danielson is eager for this matchup. He’s been watching Luchador for years and is fascinated by Bandido’s moves he never thought possible.

Haggar plans to punish Stark for sticking his nose in JAS business. He would give the Starks a rude awakening for insulting this hat. Starks realizes that Hager is a real threat with serious skills, but Hager has never been in the ring with an absolute man. Adam Cole notes how the landscape has changed in AEW. That won’t stop him from reaching the top. Cole will run AEW or run anyone in his way.

Jay Lethal is his celebration Stealing the Golden Globe Awards. Little human achievement had to step in for fatal success. 2023 will be the year of Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Sanjay Dutt and Satnam Singh.

Last week Saraya & Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter and Dr. Hikaru Shida’s assist attempt fails when Britt Baker slides a kendo stick into the ring during a tag match between DMD. Saraya had a one-word answer to Shida.

Damn, that’s harsh. Bring on Saraya vs Shida!

John Silver was Johnny Hungry eating celebrity hamburgers. Swerve Strickland and his mogul goons arrive on the scene.

Touch interesting nuggets from height And the darkness, Willie Mack debuted in AEW. He did a lot of offense but lost to familiar foe Brian Cage. Don Callis recruitment Konsuke Takeshita advises not to experience loss. Tensions continued from Vickie Guerrero to Vicious Vixen and also spilled over to Nyla Rose, insulting Marina Shafir as a trio teammate, even though they won. Athena made quick work of Jeda Zhang in an ROH Women’s Title Eliminator. The champ continued with the post-match beatdown until Yuka Sakazaki made the save. Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia celebrate their tag team win with a hilarious hug.

“Game 7” – Being Elite AP. 331 took the Young Bucks to a live LA Clippers game, showing off new gear, highlights from Game 7 of the Trios Championship Series and Matt Jackson’s shin injury. Other BTE bits include Dean Alexander having to double as a stand-in for the Young Bucks as Rosario Grillo is out injured. Commercial for Mark Sterling Showing why it’s literally right every time.

BTE starred in two developing stories with the Dark Order and Matt Hardy. The Dark Order has decided they need to raise their ranks, so they’re on a recruiting mission. They were shot down cold by Juice Robinson last week. This week brought a dose of John Morrison on BTE. Evil Uno offers to turn Johnny Elite into the Johnny Dark Order. Morrison said he would join if they could confirm the membership of the Bollywood Boys first.

being elite

So, that’s a no. Progress! The Dark Order wasn’t so lucky with Prince Nana height. He was not impressed by their strong smell. This clip is worth watching to try not to make Lexie Nair burst out laughing.

In the Matt Hardy story, he is finally broken. On BTE, Ethan Page recruited Hardy to input a new member to their group. Paige Hardy wanted to party harder with the party, but Isiah Cassidy is too cranky. Page suggested that Brandon Cutler has enthusiasm to replace Jay. Hardy went with the 8-man tag idea as a test drive. When she excused herself to the bathroom, Matt immediately lost it as her Broken personality.

move forward quickly height, Page explained the decision to Cassidy. It’s hard to party more. Zay has not brought the fun.

Chaturdashi handled the business in the ring for the win, but it wasn’t all Kumbaya. After Jey hits a Swanton, Page rolls him out of the ring to take the pin glory. Later, Cassidy returns to push Paige. Hardy kept Jay from further trouble with the firm.

On the bright side, their group entrance was energetic. Page honed her singing skills and passion Jeff Hardy’s dance moves One more time.

It appears that Page’s crooning is on the rise at the Taj.

However, a duet is out of the question.

Jake Hager was the latest guest on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! EW includes topics of conversation Hager’s love for this hat. That’s it. Short but silly video this week.

We’ll close with the AEW calendar for sale.

Nothing better to start the day than looking at John Moxley’s bleeding monthly photos.

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