AEW Rampage Results (1/20/2023)

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AEW Rampage Results (1/13/2023)

“It’s rampage, baby!” The theme and opening video play and we shoot inside the Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA. Where the commentators welcome us to this week’s show.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page

Jungle Boy’s theme hits Jim Ross and Chris Jericho welcome us to the commentary show. Jericho jokes that he hates when the crowd sings along to the theme song. Already in the ring is Jungle Boy’s opponent, “All Ego” Ethan Page.

Page takes Jungle Boy off the top-rope and looks for his egos edge right out of the gate, but Jungle Boy Jack Perry escapes and goes to work on him. Paige goes to the floor where Private Party’s Isiah Cassidy is pulled in front of her as Perry splashes out of the ring.

Ethan Page starts arguing with Matt Hardy at ringside as the commentators remind us that Page owns his and private party contracts. As they talk, Jungle Boy dives through the ropes and falls on “All Pride”.

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy hits a unique move off the ropes and a follow-up drop kick. We see Stokely Hathaway provide a distraction as the action spills onto the floor. This allows Page to turn back on the crime. After he does, he pretends to celebrate with Matt Hardy, who looks miserable being around Paige.

Page slams Jungle Boy first into the hard part of the ring apron and then throws him back inside the squared-off circle. He follows as the fans try to rally behind Jungle Boy. Page hits a back-breaker on him and then taunts the crowd.

The action spills out onto the floor and then we cut to a mid-match commercial break. When we return we see some more back-and-forth action building to the finish, which sees Hook come out just in time to make the save and provide a distraction that allows Jungle Boy to roll-up Page after pulling Page’s grip. Close Hardy’s ponytail with the ropes on the floor.

Winner: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

The Big Tag-Team Challenge is issued to AEW Dynamite

Once the match is over, we see Stokely Hathaway and Ethan Page grilling Matt Hardy for “costing” the match. Page asks if Hardy wants to be his friend. He says Hardy is going to make it up to him because he owes him. He challenged Jungle-Hook to a tag-team showdown against Page and Hardy. Stokely Hathaway tells Hardy that until then, he’s out in time. After that, we go to another commercial break.

Ortiz wants to talk to Eddie Kingston directly

We come back from break to see Tony Schiavone in the ring with Ortiz. She asks him about his friend Eddie Kingston. Ortiz said he thought of Kingston as his friend but a man who is willing to hit a woman with a steel chair is not his friend. She tells Schiavone that she appreciates his time but that he shouldn’t talk to her, that she wants to speak directly to “The Mad King”.

With that said, Eddie hits Kingston’s theme and out he comes with a steel chair in hand. He comes to the ring and he and Ortiz face off and circle around. Kingston asks Schiavone for a hike. He says they have been through their battles in the past but in their world, you don’t hurt a woman. He asks if this is how Kingston was raised.

Ortiz brings Kingston a chair. He says their mentor would say the killer is a coward. fake tough guy As he continues to speak, he is ambushed and hit by a chair from Kingston. Kingston leaves as Ortiz lays down.

Darby Allyn called his friend Matthews

We shoot in a special message from TNT Champion Derby Allen. He talks about how he beat Malakai Black and Brody King, but he’s ready to prove to himself that he can beat every member of The House of Black. He tells Buddy Matthews that he doesn’t have to issue the challenge. He asked him to show up at AEW Dynamite.

Willie Mac vs. Brian Cage

Now IMPACT Wrestling veteran Willie Mack makes his way to the ring for his AEW Rampage debut Later at Rampage he went one on one against “The Machine” Brian Cage. He settled inside the ring and died down to his music.

Now comes Brian Cage with the drama theme “The Machine” and Prince Nana. The bell rings and we run with it. We see Mack getting the better of him early on, but it’s Cage who is controlling the action going into the mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Cage still controlling the action with relative ease. Mack finally starts to fight back and he hits a nice sky-high for a near fall. Cage then came back and after hitting a big one, he did a super-lax-cover and because he was so arrogant, he couldn’t finish it.

Cage looks to hit another powerbomb on Mack but Mack avoids it. Cage hits it moments later and then follows up with a drill-claw for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Brian Cage

Jade Cargill and Leila Gray vs. Zayda and Jordyn Vanity

After the game we cut to the commentators, who mention how great the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing. Jim Ross shows off his Jaguar sweater and Chris Jericho mentions his plans to go to the next game.

From there, we go back to the ring where Jade Cargill’s theme hits and she comes out with Leela Grey. Already in the ring are their opponents, Zayda and Jordyn Vanity.

The bell rings and we run into women’s tag-team action. Layla Gray kicks things off against Vanity and she slaps him in front and takes control of him on the mat as the commentators promote tonight’s Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti main event.

Jade Cargill tags in and looks to be even in the ring. He dominated Vanity somewhat as the commentators even questioned which member of Vanity’s team was in the ring at the moment. Gray comes back and hits a face-buster. It looked like the end but Jade told Gray not to cover him, but to tag him.

Gray smirks and obliges. Cargill hits the ring and hits his Jade finisher for the pin fall victory. After the match, we go to another commercial break.

Winners: Jade Cargill and Leila Gray

Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti

After the usual pre-match interview segment hosted by Mark Henry, where the two men involved in the evening’s main event talk, we head back inside the Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.

As Daniel Garcia’s theme hits and out comes the JAS members in the ring, focusing on our final match of the evening. As he makes his way to the ring, Sammy Guevara joins Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary. They talk about the new leather pants that “The Spanish God” gifted Garcia that he is wearing tonight.

Now the action hits Andretti’s theme and out is the growing possibility of our title fight on this week’s episode of AAW Rampage. The bell rings and we run with it. Jericho and Guevara are straight gold off commentary, talking about learning trees and sharing overly stupid compliments for each other.

We see the action spill out to the floor at ringside as Garcia goes further on offense. As Garcia works over Andretti outside the squared circle, we go to a mid-match commercial break as our main event of the evening continues.

When we return from the break, we see Garcia still in firm control of the action. Andretti eventually fought his way back into the lead after connecting with a big high spot on the floor.

Back in the ring he twists off the top rope with a crazy high spot and then follows up with the same spot to score an upset win over Chris Jericho to pin Daniel Garcia here tonight to earn another big win over JAS.

As Andretti celebrates his victory, we see Jericho and Guevara upset at the result. On that note, we head off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winner: Action Andretti

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